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Telemedicine Policies and Procedures at Flora Medical Clinic

  Updated on July 20, 2021


Even through the pandemic of COVID 19 that led to lockdown and quarantine, Flora Medical Clinic has continued providing care to established patients and also new patients who intend to become long-term established patients. A large part of this care has been provided via telemedicine. 

 Our policies and procedures for delivering medical care through telemedicine adhere to TMB rules outlined in chapter 174 of Texas Administrative code. We are aware that we assume the same liability for a telemedicine visit as for an in- person appointment. 

  1. We will be using a HIPAA compliant platform to deliver care through telemedicine visits.

  2. If a patient is unable to use our HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform, but if they have access to other virtual platforms such as Facetime or WhatsApp, we would allow them to use that until they are vaccinated and safe to be seen in person. As of May 2021, we have stopped using most of the video platforms other than HIPAA compliant Secure Video. 

  3. Even though we allowed patients to do audio only visits during the lockdown when they had no access to any video technology, we have stopped allowing audio-only visits as of May 2021.

  4. Patients will be notified of privacy practices the same way that they get notified before an in-person appointment. This notice will be a part of their new patient packet. 

  5. We will continue to deliver the same standard of care through telemedicine just like we do for in-person appointments.

  6. We will maintain complete and accurate medical records like we do for an in-person appointment, with a note attached that the care was delivered through a virtual appointment. 

  7. Adequate measures will be implemented to ensure that patient communications, recordings and records are protected consistent with Federal and State privacy laws.

  8. Information about how to file a complaint with the Texas Medical Board is made available on the website for patients not coming into the office where this information is displayed. 

  9. Controlled Substance prescription renewal- A telemedicine visit is allowed for this for as long as we are meeting the standard of care for any medical visit and as long as the patient is complying with our practice requirement of minimum three to four visits per year. 

  10. Controlled Substance Prescription Initiation- This will only be done at or around an In-person visit for the medical issue requiring the prescription.

  11.  A telemedicine visit will be converted to an in-person appointment or closely followed by a separate in-person appointment if the provider conducting the visit feels the need of an in-person hands-on exam.

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