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Flora's Whole Plantry

a non-profit organization established on October 8, 2020

Our mission is to promote health by providing Whole Plant Food to patients that are experiencing economic hardship during the unprecedented time of job loss during the pandemic.

As your health and wellness team, we at Flora are committed to keeping you healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic.


This is a trying time for the entire globe, not just because of the continued waves of the COVID-19 viral illness, but also because of its economic impact on our community. Many people are having to make a choice between paying rent to avoid losing shelter or paying for food. Several people have been turning to food pantries around town to get their nourishment. 


Several food pantries around town are helping many families survive this difficult time but are limited in their ability to provide the most nutritious food. As an example, a patient was recently given 2 cases of soda and 40 packs of Cheez-It crackers from a food pantry.  As you likely know, soda and Cheez-Its are highly processed substances that give you calories, but not true nourishment. Good nutrition is extremely important to boost the immune system for protection against severe viral illnesses such as COVID 19. 


In order to support our patients’ desire to continue to eat healthy whole plant-based food, I , along with a group of highly motivated seniors, have started a nonprofit organization called “Flora’s Whole Plantry”. Through this organization, we will be making healthy whole plant food available for pick up for those who are need of healthy food, but have limited access to it at present time due financial constraints.


Food Distributions

The first four Saturdays of each month
10:30 am to 12:00 pm

Please contact to find out when the next distribution date is.

We will set up a table in the courtyard in front of the office so that patients can drive through, open their vehicles trunk, and receive some beans, rice, frozen vegetables, and a few condiments. 

Do you need healthy food?

If you are a patient in need of help affording healthy food, please come to our distribution days and also sign up for our weekly notification list for food distribution reminders!

Would you like to help Flora's Whole Plantry?

We'd love your support!

In general, donations of money is preferred as we have very limited storage space. With donations of money, we can buy food items as needed.

Flora's Whole Plantry is exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code ( IRC)  Section 501 (c) (3), effective October 8th, 2020. Donors can deduct contributions they make to Flora's Whole Plantry under IRC Section 170.


We hope to expand this service to the community beyond just our patients once we raise enough funds. Please direct any questions about Flora’s Whole Plantry via email only ( to help us keep our phone lines for providing medical care. 

Meet the Plantry Team!

Perla picture.JPG

Plantry CEO: Perla Grimaldo-Ramirez

Perla is a first-generation Latina who graduated from Pomona College in 2020 with a degree in Public Policy Analysis and Biology. She is passionate about preventative health and reducing food and health inequities among low-income and immigrant communities. She is currently working as a Research Assistant at Boston Medical Center and is looking forward to taking her passions in research, patient care, and social determinants of health into her future career in medicine.


She is excited to continue building Flora's Whole Plantry to provide nutritious foods to economically disadvantaged individuals to help them improve their overall diet, lifestyle, and health. In her spare time, Perla enjoys cooking and sharing her vegan dish creations with others, lifting weights, and hiking with her friends.

Communications Director: Cathy Meier

On-Site Manager: Tom Ray

Treasurer: Bharati Kolte, MD

Website Design: Sarika Mullapudi

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