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Flora Medical Clinic accepts patients who have Medicare or an in-network Medicare Advantage plan or those who have joined our Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership.  We do have openings for new patients with Medicare and supplement or in-network Medicare Advantage plans.  Currently our DPC is only open to existing patients 


About our Direct Primary Care (DPC)

We are changing our fee structure for non-Medicare Patients...   b
ut we are NOT changing Who We Are.  

Who we are:

We are a Lifestyle and internal Medicine Primary Care practice that focuses on true wellness.  

Our team wants to spend our time on your health, rather than jumping through the hoops of our broken insurance system.

We value:

  • Time with our patients.  It takes time to partner with patients for true wellness. 
    Addressing the root causes of most chronic diseases and helping our patients change their lifestyle requires longer visits than traditional practices are able to offer.  We have tried to provide this level of care within the insurance payment structure, but it was not sustainable for us.  Time is needed to collaborate on a plan, provide patient education, and address roadblocks and questions along the way.  

  • True and lasting wellness.
    Instead of just managing disease, we focus on improvement and reversal of disease, when possible, through lifestyle change by addressing the pillars of health:  diet, movement,  sleep, stress management, and a supportive community.  

  • Building meaningful and trusting relationships with our patients
    Strong provider-patient partnerships are the foundation for creating sustainable lifestyle change that will lead to true and lasting wellness. 

All of this takes time.  We have been practicing this way for years, giving more than what is reimbursed, and this has become unsustainable with the current commercial insurance sick care system.  ​


As a DPC practice, we will focus only on our patients and give the time that is required for achieving true wellness.

How it Works

Fees for Direct Primary Care

FAQs on Direct Primary Care

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