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Direct Primary Care
Membership Fees

(For non-Medicare patients)

Membership includes a one-time registration fee plus a monthly membership fee as follows:

One-time Registration Fee*                         

Each Individual Adult over the age of 17                $75 per individual, or
Total family if registered
at the same time                $125 per household   

*We will waive the registration fee for established patients  who  sign up on or before the date our contract ends with your insurance, either  August 1, 2023, January 1, 2024, or September 1, 2024, depending on your insurer.   

The Monthly Membership Fee:

Each Individual Adult over the age of 17                $ 99.00 per month

Two adult family members over 17, 
living in the same household                                         $175.00 per month

Each additional family member,  over the
age of 17, living in the same household,
beyond the first two                                                            $ 50.00 per month



*Medicare patients will be billed through insurance and will not be a part of our Direct Primary Care.

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