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Direct Primary Care
Frequently Answered Questions



Q.  What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

A: DPC is a membership model of medicine that allows doctors to practice without interference from insurance companies.  Payment is accepted only from the patient, making it a “direct” relationship.  DPC doctors can give their patients more time and better access.  Improved accessibility makes for more comprehensive healthcare and stronger doctor-patient relationships.  

Q. Why would I pay for this when I already have health insurance?

A. A DPC membership ensures fast access to personalized sick and wellness care,  Our providers will have time to focus on your true wellness and help you achieve your optimal health.  Insurance is most important for coverage of emergencies or other serious medical conditions. 

Q. I usually only see the doctor once or twice a year.  Why can’t I just pay cash when a visit is needed?

A: The DPC model works to keep the costs down for all patients because everyone pays a monthly fee.  This allows the total membership costs to stay relatively low.  Some patients may feel that they only need the doctor on a minimal basis, but this can change very quickly with a bad infection, new injury or other unexpected medical problem.   Life is unpredictable but having a DPC doctor means that you are covered when you need it.  DPC is also ideal for “healthy” patients because we have more time to devote to prevention and lifestyle issues allowing us to focus on your wellness and longevity.  

Q:  How can I cancel?

A: You may cancel your membership at any time with adequate notice  as described in the Membership Agreement (see section 14).   Please keep in mind that if you decide to rejoin, there is a waiting period and a new registration fee (see section 2) 

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