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Our Team Approach to your Care

It takes a team to deliver optimal health. I can’t do this alone and so I’ve built a team with the goal of focusing on true wellness, rather than sick care that the current medical system is designed to do.  


I ask for your support to effectively use my team to help me take care of you. Let me introduce you to our Lifestyle Medicine Team Model.


Nurse Practitioner
Every patient’s care is assigned to one of our wonderful nurse practitioners along with myself.  You will see your nurse practitioner for your scheduled visits and follow ups. 



I will be directing your medical care in collaboration with your nurse practitioner even though you may not see me at every visit. At the beginning of the day, the nurse practitioners and I huddle to discuss the care of patients on the schedule for that day. We stay in touch with internal messaging throughout the day to confer about any changes or questions. I review every chart with your NP after the visit to make sure we are providing optimal care. I will be physically present at one of your visits, typically your annual exam, or at any other visit as needed, along with your nurse practitioner. I have trained all of our nurse practitioners to think like me in terms of gathering clinical information and making decisions . I can assure you that I have chosen the best team possible to assist me in the responsibility of your care.  


Medical Assistant Care Navigators

We have a strong team of highly qualified and passionate people who serve as Medical Assistants and help you navigate your care in this complex medical care system.  We have chosen people with college educations who are pursuing higher medical degrees, which is different than typical primary care practices.  


Health Coach  

Since changing lifestyle is difficult, we have a health coach on the team who you can see as a part of your medical visit or structured wellness programs, in conjunction with your provider. 


I realize that this may be a change from when you joined this practice. Please understand that helping you achieve your health goals is very important to me.  With the team approach, we can continue giving you the long visits focused on improving your lifestyle and wellness that we know you have come to appreciate.  As you know, our visits are a lot longer than conventional medical practices are able to provide in today’s fee for service model. 


I’m excited about our team approach and how it is allowing me to run a true lifestyle medicine practice.  I hope you’re happy with the direction of our practice, too.  However, if lifestyle medicine and the team approach aren’t agreeable to you, we’re happy to provide you with a referral list of providers.  


Wishing you the best of health,

Bharati Kolte, MD

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